Our love for dog racing began in 2006 when we attended our first Jack Russell
Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) trial.  From that moment on, with all the barking
and yapping we fell in love with these events.  

We are a small home based business looking to provide items we have found
useful in working with our dogs at these events, we hope you find them useful

For our first product we found the need for the wallets.  We used to have to
search for a rubber band or safety pin to attach our dogs registration number
while in the conformation ring.  The wallets are a useful place to store these key
items.  We hope that you can use and enjoy the neck wallets too.  The hands
free type of wallet is not a new idea.  However, we thought they were boring.  So
by adding a few beads or maybe some silver beads the custom neck wallet idea
was produced.

Please see the other great products we have added to the line.  We offer
custom name tags, anxiety wraps, cool coats and belly bands.  Our goal is to
provide you with high quality custom produced products to make your lives
easier in caring for your dogs.  We are having a blast with our dogs and hope
you do as well.  We started with JRTCA at Lake Perris, CA. with the flat track, the
hurdles, conformation, gtg and agility.  We love it all!  See you at the races...
About Us

About Our Business

At jack-r-lover customer satisfaction is our top
priority.  If you are not completely satisfied with your
purchase, we offer a 100% return policy.  The item
must be returned within 7 days after receiving the
product and must be in the same condition (new).
We accept all credit cards through
the paypal service.

For custom orders contact:
Janine (562) 493-3162

Thank You!

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