Anxiety Wraps

Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

•  Do you have an anxious dog?
•  Does your dog get scared and look for extra reassurance?

Give your dog a hug they can wear all day long with a customized
anxiety wrap.  Made to order these wraps provide your dog with a
safe and warm feeling which soothes them and keeps them

Customized orders

Email for a customized order.  Measure from the
base of the neck (withers) to the base of the tail.  
Then measure the circumference of the fullest part
of the dogs ribcage (girth).
For Chests 16"- 23"
For Dogs 15-25 lbs.

For Chests 18"- 26"
For Dogs 26-4 lbs.

For Chests 24"- 32"
For Dogs 41-64 lbs.