BunkerHill Terriers
We are a small kennel located in Southern
California.  We are members of The South Coast
Jack Russell Terrier Club (SCJRTC) and our dogs
are registered and recorded with the Jack Russell
Terrier Club of America (JRTCA).
  We are NOT a
Family Owned
BunkerHill Terriers is owned and operated by Brad
and Janine McClure.  We have lived in Southern
California our entire lives.  At the present time we
have 6 wonderful dogs.
 2009 Easter Bash
           4-6 month old puppy reserve BunkerHill Pete-e conformation
           Best altered adult Seaview Hollister conformation
           1st Adult tall dog Seaview Soul Man conformation
           Reserve GTG Certificate over adult Skip n Chase Daytona
           Racing Pups 4-6 months 1st Pete-e, 6th Murphy
           Racing Reserve Adult over Seaview Soul Man
           Racing Over adults 3rd Skip n Chase Daytona
           Racing Veterans over 4th Scooter
   2008 SWJRTN Fall Festival
           1st Adult over racing Seaview Soul Man
   2008 Diggin West Challenge
           Reserve Adult Racing Seaview Soul Man
   2008 Ruckus in the Rockies IX
           Puppy Champion over racing Seaview Soul Man
   2008 Oklahoma Classic
           Reserve Puppy Seaview Soul Man
           Champion Puppy racing Seaview Soul Man
   2008 Gold Rush
           Puppy Racing Champion under Seaview Hollister
           Puppy Racing Champion over Seaview Hollister
           Bitches Adult over 4th Skip n Chase Daytona
           Veterans over 2nd Scooter
   2008 M&I Bank AZ
           GTG 1st Skip n Chase Daytona
           Champion Racing Puppy Seaview Soul Man
  2007 Daytona Puppy Champion Racing  Grass Valley, Ca
We are dedicated to protect the Jack Russell Breed.  We are dedicated to give
these little white dogs the best life that they could have.  And in return we get the
best life we could ever imagine!!
Trial Results

2010 Spring Fox Frolic I
Flat racing Dog over 2nd-Soul Man, 4th Pete-e
                  Bitches under 2nd Holly
                                  over 4th Daytona
                   Veterans over 3th Scooter
Hurdles dog over 1st Soul Man, 4th Pete-e
                  Bitches under 3rd Holly
                                  over 3rd Daytona
                  Veterans over 5th Scooter
Adult Champion Reserve racing--- Soul Man
GTG-open adult 1st Soul Man
GTG Championship 5th Daytona
Super earth GTG 5th Soul Man
Conformation Open Dogs rough/broken 3rd Pete-e
                         Open Bitches smooth 3th Daytona
                          Best Spay/Neutered 1st Holly
Barn Hunt 1st Soul Man, 3rd Daytona
Flat racing Dog over 1st Pete-e, 2nd Soul Man
                   Bitches under 2nd Holly
                                  over 4th Daytona
                   Veterans over 3rd Scooter
Hurdles dog over 1st Soul Man, 3rd Pete-e
                   Bitches under 2nd Holly
                                  over 4th Daytonara
                    Veterans over 4th Scooter
Adult Champion Reserve racing Soul Man
GTG open adult 3rd Soul Man
GTG Super earth 2nd Soul Man, 3rd Daytona

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