The beginning of the jacks
We started out with 2 "backyard bred" jack russell's.
Yukon and Scooter.  Unfortunately Yukon passed away when she
was 5.  Scooter was so lonely.  It was so hard to watch him mope
around.  So we went to a wonderful breeder and purchased our
first "pedigree."  It took Scooter about 2 months to warm up to her
but they are now best friends.
What we do with our Jacks
We have been lucky enough to have a mentor help us with our
dogs.  Actually more than one.  They have taught us
conformation, racing, gtg and lure coursing among other
things.  Our dogs always perform for us.  They are all entered
in one or more classes in all trials.  
We started this journey February 2007.  Since then
we have gone somewhat overboard.  Our first trial
was Perris Lake, Ca.  Daytona was 8 months old.  I
entered her in racing and conformation.  She came in
2nd in conformation out of 2 dogs.  She was 4th in flat
racing and 3rd in hurdles (out of 4 dogs) and we were
hooked.!!  We are now enjoying all of our dogs, in all
aspects of dog training, rearing, training and feeding.
Daytona has 5 puppies.!!
Vet told us 3 !!
Latest News
About Us
Daytona has a total of 5
puppies.  She had a difficult
time and had to have a
c-section.  One puppy was
bend over in the birth canal
making her whelping time
almost 24 hours.  She was
reunited with her puppies 3
hours after surgery.  
surviving puppies are all
healthy and running and
playing and having a great
time.  As usual Daytona is a
great mom and has spent the
day playing with the puppies.
She has 2 girls and 3 boys.  
They will be available to be
placed August 12, 2010.