Upcoming Events
We will be updating this often so keep checking back.  If you have any questions
be sure to contact us.  All trials and fun days are open to the public.  Try to attend
one to see what all the fun is about !!!

Be sure to watch for Soul Man
compete in the National Competition.
We are going to St. Louis, Mo for the
competition. It will be held Oct 2,2010
October 9, 10, 2010
Diggin West Challenge

This event was held in Del Mar and the San Diego County Fair.
We had entered this event in 2009 but was eliminated in the
semi-finals.  But..2010...

Be sure to watch the Western Regional PIDC.  They also have
agility, disc, dock diving, weave pole.  Look under PIDC to find
out the time and day it will televised in your area.

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge
2009 PIDC....Soul Man in black and
white muzzle.
Livingston in purple.  Livingston
was ##1
One of our favorite trials.  Held in Madera, Ca.   One of the best run trials.  It has
everything we love.  Racing, conformation, gtg, barn hunt, and lots of really nice
people.  Don't miss this one !!
Event Information

Seaview Soul Man   1st place
Jack Russell Terrier Hurdles
Soul Man
DOB 6-5-06
Skip n Chase Daytona
Love life !!
DOB 8-30-07
Seaview Soul Man
Racing fool !!
DOB 8-30-07
Seaview Hollister
Sister to Soul Man
DOB 11-28-08  
BunkerHill Pete-s
Our first litter !!
DOB 11-28-08
BunkerHill Murphy
Big name for the runt but
a doll !!
DOB 6-24-01
Loves barn hunt and
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