Looking for quality neck wallets and pet products?  At jack-r-lover we specialize in
the custom design and use of neck wallets.

See our constantly growing line of wallets.  We are always creating custom
designs and custom lengths.
 Beads are ceramic or plastic
Zipper pouch is great for keys while
at the beach
No two are alike.  

We are a family owned business.  We found the need for
these wallets when we were at our first Jack Russell
Terrier Trial.  I didn't know where to put the registration
number during conformation.  The clear plastic pocket on
the front is great for displaying the registration number
and the zipper pouch contained dog treats.  
We hand make all lanyards with different types of beads.  
All beads are colorful made of either plastic or ceramic.  I
found that the stone or glass beads are to heavy to wear
so the combination of different types of beads seems to
work best.  The wallet serves a purpose and should not
be uncomfortable.

Neck Wallets

Custom beaded       $20

Plain         $10

jack-r-lover laynard      $7